Arthur Gas mask
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Gas Mask


Mixed Media print on 30″ x 40″canvas
Limited Edition of 5

A remembrance of when the artist use to wear a gas mask when he printed money due to the fumes.

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Arthur “Artorius” Williams is an American-born counterfeiter and subject of the book The Art of Making Money. He was dubbed as the “King of Counterfeit” by Rolling Stone magazine & featured in a season 5 episode of American Greed. Arthur’s story has intrigued the media and now art collectors have begun to take notice.

His passion eventually caught up to him in 2007 after nearly 10 million dollars of undetectable counterfeit money was created. While in prison he began exploring a new passion… art. This later shifted him to what now is career. Arthur’s work has been purchased from a variety of collectors and auctioned off to charity. He uses his art as an expression from past experience and as a currency to help others.