Grew Up On Them

Grew up On em
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arthur update

Grew Up On Them


Mixed Media Print on Canvas
Limited Edition
40″ x 30″


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“Grew Up On Them”
A collection of hip hop greats that the artist listened to while growing up. This signature style of images hidden in others was developed while counterfeiting money and recreating watermarks.

Before diving into the art world, Arthur was heavily involved in making “fake money” to the point where a book was written about his skills, titled: The Art of Making Money.
He was dubbed as the “King of Counterfeit” by Rolling Stone magazine & featured in a Season 5 episode of American Greed.

His passion eventually caught up to him in 2007, when he was caught by federal authorities and sentenced seven years in prison. While serving his time, he began drawing in his cell and was later allowed to paint. After serving his full sentence he decided to follow a new path and begin a life as an artist.

His journey has motivated and inspired others who come from a rocky past, and since his release, his artwork has been purchased from a variety of collectors. Being given a second chance to live life, he uses his art as a currency to help others. Arthur knows what its like to have very little, so as his art continues to turn heads, he continues to donate to various charities.

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