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Acrylic on Canvas
30″ x 30″ (Two separate panels)


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This piece is made up of two 15″x 30″ canvases. The chameleon represents a being just trying to blend into the colorful and chaotic world we reside in! Lots of texture and vibrance with this one. **UV Reactive**The Panther Chameleon- These little creatures are truly fascinating. Masters of deception, they have this psychedelic ability to change their color, but not just to blend… Chameleons move quick and can avoid most predators quite easily. Not to mention they have the ability to switch from binocular to monocular vision with a 360 degree field of view… So why the ability to change color? It’s believed to be a method of expression or communication between the species… By reflecting the wavelength of light through a layer of skin cells they can change color and send a visual language to one another. True works of living art.