No Ones Favorite President

no ones favorite
AntBen X AR Update

No Ones Favorite President


Original Time Mag Design Mixed Media
Digital, Acrylic, Copper leaf
Framed 24″ x 36″

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In honor of the would-be unsung hero of the prohibition era ..”No-Ones Favorite President” Woodrow ‘booze clues’ Wilson .. Who never had a Time Magazine article written about him. Antonio decided to design a cover to honor his decision in vetoing the Volstead Act.


Chicago native, Antonio Beniquez has created a strengthening name for himself since he began his journey into art which started early at the age of 6. He’s recognized for both his gallery work and large scale murals throughout the city. Antonio continues to strive for perfection while reinventing himself. Recently he’s ventured into metal art sculptures incorporating his modern calligraphy typography, which is a signature feature in most of his work.
You can expect to see unique work from him appearing for years to come.