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Trip 372
Trip one X Ar



Spray Paint on Canvas
24″ x 30″

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Known for stamping his work with the mysterious number 372 “Trip One” has been hitting the Chicago scene with his powerful style appearing throughout the city in more and more places. His techniques are executed uniquely using a vast array of materials: from wood panels, comic books, street signs, pallets to more traditional canvas and hand crafted stencils that are very meticulous in detail. When these elements are fused together you can see the emotions and dedication that this artist puts into his pieces.


All paintings are hand painted by Trip, these are not prints, so you should expect some flaws, imperfections, splatters,drips and rarely small cracks, it’s all a part of the artwork. It gives it the grimy street art look.

All materials are hand made or cut. Every piece even if recreated will have its own uniqueness and style.