Tree of Life


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Acrylic on Canvas

48″ x 30″

In stock

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The two Great Horned Owls in the tree symbolize a sense of all knowing and being able to see things others cannot; Seeing beyond the false facts or masks of situations that we encounter in life. Being able to look past the smoke & mirrors and see life for what it really can be is essential to experiencing a meaningful and fulfilling time here on earth. We are one with earth and that’s something I feel people overlook in this day and age… We as humans have this thing to where we don’t see plants as being capable to have intelligence because they don’t move or act alive, but if you tune yourself in to the frequency of nature you can most definitely sense the energy, life, & intelligence they carry. Everything is energy and vibrations… with every thought and action you emit a vibration into the universe. The universe knows the truth.



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